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How to decorate your Christmas tree in 2020

15.10.20 10:47 AM Comment(s) By Proovia

Christmas… Is there a better time of year? 

Food, drinks, decorations... and lots of them. Christmas is usually associated with overindulgence and… family? Giving? Love? Possibly, but it’s mostly about stuff and glitz. There are tons of posts and guides on the interweb that show how to celebrate on a budget, save those pounds and hopefully not kill anybody during the obligatory family row. This is not one of those posts. Instead, this is about decorating the tree in an environmentally friendly way, and yes – you should most definitely go for a real, not an artificial, christmas tree in 2020.

Eco-friendly Christmas tree decoration. Why not?

Most of us are trying harder than ever to make our lives as sustainable as we can, wherever we can, so it is not really surprising that many of us want to make the festive period as eco-friendly too. A recent study by the American Express Shop Small shows that around 85% of British people plan to be taking steps to be more eco-friendly this Christmas. A big part of this will have to be our tree decorations.

As we are all well aware, a huge amount of waste is generated at Christmas time, and tree decorations form a large portion of that. We can make our Christmas tree decorations more eco-friendly, however, and even more fun by getting the little people involved (kids, not elves – they have enough to do).

With that in mind, why not get the little ones dressed up in their winter warm clothes (chuck a snowball or two if, by some miracle, we get snow this December – keep your fingers crossed) and get foraging. Ivy, holly, pine cones and chestnuts all look great on the tree as well as being very decorative elsewhere and they are all completely recyclable. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do by way of eco-friendly decorations for your real Christmas tree, read on!

Lights, camera… more lights!

The Christmas tree lights are an integral part of creating that special decorative atmosphere that Christmas is known for. Now, nobody is saying throw out your existing lights, far from it, that’s just completely wasteful.

What we would say though is that you could replace them (when they die naturally) with LED lights. This is better for the tree, kind of, the environment and your pocket. LED lights use far less energy than traditional bulbs, they do not become hot to the touch and they cost far less to run.

If you currently do not have any lights, or you need to buy new ones for the tree – LED is most definitely the way to go.

Edible decorations...yummy!

Food is a huge part of the Christmas period, so why not use it to decorate your tree? Candy canes, gingerbread, threaded popcorn… There are all kinds of different things that you can hang on the tree. Of course, being food they are very easily compostable or you can just eat them, yum yum!

Christmas tree decorations don’t even have to be edible to be environmentally friendly but edible decorations do look very tempting and can add an extra element of fun to your tree. 

Your tree can look as great this year as it did last year while being kind to the planet. And, don’t forget to recycle your Christmas tree after the festive season is over. We are here to help you with that! 

At Christmas Tree Collection Service, you can have your tree collected right from your doorstep and we will take it to a recycling center near you. Simply book your Christmas tree collection and let us take care of the rest. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call 0121 314 9848. 

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