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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of my Christmas tree?

The easiest and most sustainable way to get rid of your Christmas tree is to book a Christmas tree collection service that will collect your tree from your doorstep for recycling. 

How do I book my Christmas tree for collection?

To book your Christmas tree collection please head over to our collections page and select the town from where you would like us to collect your tree. Once you have made your town selection, you will be able to view all available collection dates for your town. Please select your preferred date and proceed to the next section. You are now ready to make your booking by providing us with some basic information such as your name, address and contact details. This information will  enable us to contact you regarding your booking and deliver the service. Once you have provided all the mandatory information, you can confirm your booking by paying a small service fee. That's it! You will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been successfully processed and your tree will be collected on the booked date. 

Do you offer corporate Christmas tree removal services?

Currently we do not offer any corporate Christmas tree collection and recycling services. 

I need my Christmas tree collected ASAP!

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to assist you. 

Why can't you tell me the exact time my tree will be collected?

We understand that you would like to know the exact time that your Christmas tree will be collected when you make your booking. However, as many factors can impact the exact time of your collection (traffic, weather conditions, collections in your area) any collection time we provide you before the collection day will be just a guess. It is for this reason we have decided to send you the exact collection time on the booked collection day once we have planned the fastest route to collect your tree.

Will you remove the decorations from my Christmas tree?

Our collection service does not include removing decorations off your tree or removing the tree from inside your house. 

How do I prepare my Christmas tree for collection?

To prepare your Christmas tree for recycling, please remove all decorations, tinsel, plastic, tree stands, skirts etc. from your Christmas tree before placing it outside your home for the collection. A basic rule to remember for recycling a real Christmas tree is: if it didn’t grow on the tree it shouldn’t go with the tree. We understand that undressing your tree is not as much fun, but it is essential part of preparing your tree for recycling before the collection day. Your contribution will help the planet and your local charity. Any trees left out for collection with decorations will not be collected. 

Who will come to collect my tree?

Your tree will be collected by Proovia collection team members. Our team members will come with a van to take your tree away. 

Do I have to be home when you come to collect my Christmas tree?

No, you do not have to be home for us to collect your tree. Once your booking is confirmed, we do not need you to sign anything. Prepare your tree for collection and leave it outside your door and we will do the rest. 

What if my tree is not collected?

Although we take great care to ensure that all trees are collected on the date specified in your booking, there may be circumstances in which your tree does not get collected. For example, if you didn't remove the decorations from your tree and it could not be taken to recycling, or if there was a human error and our team missed your tree. In the unlikely event that our collection team didn’t collect your tree, please contact us with your booking details and we will immediately schedule a collection for your tree. 

What happens to my tree after it is collected?

We take all Christmas trees that we collect to the nearest green recycling centre where your tree is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. 

When do you start collecting Christmas trees?

You can view our current collection schedule for your town on our website. Visit collections and select your town. If you are still unclear, please do not hesitate to call us at 1213149848 or send us a message.

What happens with the money from recycling my Christmas tree?

All proceeds from recycling your Christmas tree are donated to local charities we support. 

Do you also collect and recycle artificial Christmas trees?

We do not offer collection and recycling service for artificial Christmas trees. Please contact your local council to enquire about the available  options for recycling artificial Christmas trees.